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Philosophical Counseling in Rold Forest

Updates: Booked for the season! (Coming up: Philosophical Counseling with Tolkien; a free online course in philosophy).

Philosophical counseling, spiritual healing and forest therapy, happen in Rold Forest, Denmark, where I live.

Rold Forest is also called “The Seven Mile Forest of Fairy Tales”. Denmark’s largest original forest naturally has a comprehensive wildlife. Rold Forest’s 8,000 hectares encompass so many different habitat and forest types that a very large number of forest, bog and meadow animals are found here. Spread around in the forest you can find 6000 years old grave mounds, so the place is filled with history and legends going back to Norse mythology.

Philosophical counseling is based on Tolkien´s works. Spiritual healing is based on the layers of the painbody. And forest therapy is based on the magical healing powers of nature itself (read more below).

The counseling mostly happens through hiking, at power places, or at Hotel Rold Storkro (a cosy Inn in the middle of the forest). There are a lot of possibilities. If you are staying for several days it can be a combination.

You should note, that the original wisdom traditions all work with a combination of supporting exercises, deep study of texts and occasional dialogues with the teacher. Therefore I only offer philosophical counseling to people who practice my Hara Exercise (get short introduction), and are willing to study texts.

Philosophical counseling with me is one and the same as spiritual healing. In order to receive spiritual healing you must be tuned into it. The counseling must be grounded in practice and theory. The concept of Hara (in Chinese Tan Tien) is fundamental to all wisdom traditions and natural healing professions, though unfortunately more or less unknown. And due to the stress and superficiality of our modern society, the study of texts (a natural part of simple living, spiritual retreat and monastic life) is also neglected. The focus on Hara and text study is therefore the first of three unusual aspects of my practice. The two other aspects are spiritual awakening and help to find a religion. More about that below. 

Moreover: Rold Forest is in itself a so-called Healing Forest – a way of discovering the magical healing powers of nature (we will directly drink water from healing springs. You can fill a bottle or two, and bring them home).

The beginner´s basic texts are therefore:

1) Philosophical Counseling with Tolkien. A free online course in philosophy. Will be ready in June 2018.   

3)  The Philosophy of Hara Healing (you don´t need to be a skilled practitioner in Hara awareness, I just want you to have started the exercise – get short introduction). In The Philosophy of Hara Healing I also describe my own initiatory Shaman illness/Shaman calling, and supply with links to further reading on the topic.

Tolkien will be a frame of reference during the counseling. Rold Forest is precisely the kind of Northern European forest which inspired Tolkien´s creation of The Old Forest, Lothlorien, Fangorn, and Mirkwood. We will encounter ancient beech trees creating a magical trolls’ wood of gnarled trees, a hiding place for the robbers from Rold, springs rising up from the ground everywhere, a burial place from prehistoric Denmark with 50 large grave mounds, the Mines of Thingbæk, the most beautiful heathery hills in Denmark, and we´ll meet the witch, Dannie Druehyld. And at the same time we will enter deeper into our own minds.

The content of the counseling

The second unusual aspect of my practice is the concept of spiritual awakening (note that I´m here not talking about enlightenment, Nirvana, Samadhi, etc.). There is an enormous market of theories of, and educations in, how to of become “spiritual awakened” in different forms (how to awaken your third eye, how to become a psychic, how to become a shaman, etc., etc.). It is no secret that I consider most of these as spiritual corrupted. I have made aware of this with my concept of The Matrix Conspiracy.

The unusual about my practice is that I´m not offering a new method in how to become awakened. My service is an offer to people who already are awakened in some form. It is therefore not a theory. You might say that this narrows down the range of people I addresses. But this is not quite so. The very fact that you with interest have managed to scroll down and are reading these last lines indicates that you yourself might have some kind of gradual or sudden spiritual awakening and are having problems in that connection. In fact, many people don´t even know they are in a process of awakening, but they have the experiences connected to it. They might have been awakened since childhood. There are indications that probably around 20% of the population are experiencing spiritual awakenings. If you can´t identify any spiritual awakening, you´ll at least probably experience a strong spiritual longing, since you are reading this at all.

The third unusual aspect of my practice is help to find a religion that suits you. And with religion I mean a religion with a tradition for a spiritual practice that through experience has been adjusted and corrected through hundreds of years. Thus Gnosticism and Mysticism arised in the early and medieval Christianity, Sufism in Islam, Hasidism and Kabbalah in Judaism, Advaita Vedanta in Hinduism, Zen and Dzogchen in Buddhism. In China you´ll find Taoism. But even older are Shamanism and Paganism; religious practices which I under one call the old religion and the old art. This art is global. You´ll be able to find variations of traditional shamanism all over the world. Hara practice is fundamental for all these. In Zen and Taoism this is quite explicit. In the others implicit or hidden in symbolism.

The unusual about this is due to the global popularity of New Age, which (together with atheist fundamentalism) works against religion, either in an attempt altogether to eliminate religion, or through reductionism. In New Age the latter is happening though an exploitative form of spiritual colonialism and one step in; first: the destruction of Indigenous cultures (plastic shamanism is today systematically organized, for example through ayahuasca journeys), and secondly: the destruction of all the other wisdom traditions. The latter is spreading under the slogan: “these traditions can best be understood when integrated with Western psychology and psychotherapy” (= reduced to). The ignorance in this is that spiritual awakening is connected to ancestral and ancient layers, cords, eventually your own soul, and therefore only can be understood within their original context.

Spiritual awakenings are explained in my booklet The Philosophy of Hara Healing. They are: Ego-inflated awakening, Dark Night of the Soul Awakening, Chakra awakening, Sensitive/Psychic awakening, Shamanic awakening, Occult awakening, Religious awakening, Possession/entity awakening, Non-human origin awakening, and Kundalini awakening. 

Connected with these types of awakenings are experiences such as physical sensations, spontaneous movements and vocalizations, chills, spiritual depression and cognition issues, chronic fatique and fluctuations of energy, digestive issues and diet, headaches, eye symptoms, dream and sleep, lucid dreaming and astral projection, emotional fluctuations, alteration of belief systems, release of behaviors, time, drug and alcohol abuse, numbing, initiations, mental illness vs. spiritual awakening.

All the types of awakenings and experiences connected to them are connected with the layers of the painbody: self; past lives; immediate family systems; ancestral patterns; world, global and cosmic patterns; ego death; understanding and releasing thoughtforms; personal and collective shadow; genetics and heredity; cosmic consciousness, etc.

I see problems connected to such awakenings as spiritual crises (temporary introduction: Spiritual Crises as the Cause of Paranormal Phenomena).

Interwoven with all this are the Cords of the Painbody. We have cords to other people, animals, beings, and places. We also have cords to our ancestors, our future/destiny, past lives, and cords that connect us to our greater spiritual nature, such as astral, mental, and cosmic cords (the dreaming tracks and songlines in the cosmic artwork of our lives).

Working with cords can effect great healing in our relationships and our lives, release trauma and emotional baggage, and allow for deep spiritual insights. This work is essential for anyone on a healing or spiritual path, and is suitable for anyone who has an interest in Energy work, Shamanism, Spiritual Healing, Meditation and Dream Yoga.

We are not our pain or our disease, nor are we defined by our limitations, restrictions, or the labels given to us by others. We are a whole body, a consciousness, and a spiritual being with a unique individual history and unique reasons for being. Understanding this is the true key to healing.

As a holistic interconnected being, our emotions, beliefs, physical pain, past traumas, and even imbalances created through spiritual issues are held within our physical form. By accessing them through the physical body with our soul – the spiritual consciousness of our human body – we can heal the continuum of mind, body, and spirit.

In the process of philosophical counseling we will understand and work with the soul and explain how our bodies store the traumatic energies, emotions, physical issues, and restricting beliefs that cause us pain and have us feel disconnected. We will detail how to make contact and dialogue with our soul to discover the reason why our beliefs, imbalances, and pain developed in the fist place and to find ways to resolve them, healing every dream layer of our being. Working with archetypes and myths, ancestral and past life healing, religion and philosophy, supports us also in dissolving spiritual patterns and can bring about karmic resolution through the physical form.

By dialoguing with the soul we can understand who we are on the deepest levels. Discovering what lies unhealed within us enables us to heal our issues, from physical pains to ancestral and past life patterns to limiting ideas about what we can accomplish in this world. We are able to move beyond the limitations and restrictions in our body and our life, into greater health, connection, joy and consciousness.

All of the above-mentioned will be treated philosophical in relation to my coming book Philosophical Counseling with Tolkien.

Your spiritual healing work is in other words not about constructing a philosophy or a life-project. It is about re-discovering your true philosophy and your true calling in life, which always have been there as an invisible script in your progressive karma (divine providence, or spirit help). Tolkien´s philosophy has a universality and an ontological pluralism (many angles on reality), that makes it useful as a help in re-discovering your own philosophy.

In short: philosophical counseling, spiritual healing and forest therapy are about “healing your spirit” or “soul retrieval”.

Ordering counseling in Rold Forest: 

Updates: Booked for the season! (Coming up: Philosophical Counseling with Tolkien, a free online course in philosophy).

Before ordering counseling it is a good idea that you have a minimum knowledge about My Teaching in a Nutshell (click here).

Contact me on Facebook Messenger (no online counseling, no chat).

Practical information

Accommodation in Rold Forest: there are a lot of places for accommodation. I myself recommend Hotel Rold StorKro. This cosy Inn will be a meeting place for different hiking routes. If you are disabled, the counseling can take place on the Hotel. It is also possible to take a taxi to the different power places in the forest. It is also possible to hire mountain bikes (here you must be prepared to cover the expenses). 

You can also live for free in Rold Forest in different kinds of camps and shelters, some with toilets and bathrooms. No matter what place you choose for accommodation, the meeting place will still be Hotel Rold Storkro. If you are traveling by train I can meet you at the station in Skørping and guide you to your place of accommodation. Aalborg Airport is situated 25 kilometers north of Rold Forest.


Into the Woods (An exceptional on-going series of posts on myth, folklore, and the wild world, by Terri Windling. Great topics for discussion!)

More information about Rold Forest and accommodation: 

Rebild Turistbureau 
Rebildvej 25A, Rebild 
DK - 9520 Skørping 
Telephone: + 45 9988 9000

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