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Philosophical Counseling and Cafés

Philosophical counseling and/or cafés happens in Rold Forest, Denmark, where I live. It mostly happens through hiking, but it can also happen in my home, or in the place you have chosen for accommodation. There are a lot of possibilities. If you are staying for several days it can be a combination.

You should note, that the original wisdomtraditions all work with a combination of supporting exercises, deep study of texts and occasionsal dialogues with the teacher. Therefore I only offer philosophical counseling to people who practice my supporing exercises (or else the counseling will be misplaced). See my page The Peter Pan Project

For a short overview of the main steps in a philosophical counseling process: see my blog post: A Shadow Odyssey.

Accommodation in Rold Forest: there is a lot of places for accommodation. I myself recommend 
Hotel Rold Stor Kro 

You can also live for free in Rold Forest in different kinds of camps and shelters, some with toilets and bathrooms

More information about Rold Forest and accommodation: 

Rebild Turistbureau 
Rebildvej 25A, Rebild 
DK - 9520 Skørping 
Telephone: + 45 9988 9000

You can contact me on my 
Facebook page Lucifer Morningstar. Note that I don´t offer direct online counseling, though I do answer questions in relation to practical adjustments of your work with the steps described in my blog post A Shadow Odyssey. You can also join my Facebook group Lucifer Morningstar Group, which deals exclusively with questions in relation to philosophical counseling and The Shadow Odyssey.

Read more about philosophical counseling and cafés in my article 
Philosophical Counseling as an alternative to Psychotherapy.

Remember it is a totally free service.

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